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Single ticket to attend the event

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Pair of tickets to attend the event.

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Single ticket to attend the event + hoodie or hat.

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Single event + hoodie, hat, towel & all day fast track work shop. This day will plan your entire year and ensure you crush your goals for 2024

Why This Event Exists?

The New Year brings renewed hope and optimism, but the average resolution fails by February 7th according to research. That means most people don't even make it 10% of the way through the year before they change their minds. How could something you feel so strongly about fade after only 5 weeks?

We find that most people fail for a lack of discipline rooted in a desire for comfort rather than an actual understanding of the price that needs to be paid. Our annual Firestarter event is a public declaration among like minded people that you are going to embrace difficulty, pain, and adversity and pay your price to be all God made you to be.


The water is cold. It would be a lot easier to get out. But easy isn't the path to anywhere you were made to go. The cold water is a metaphor. If you can learn to stay with the pain and difficulty despite what external stimulus is telling you in the water, then you can learn to stay in the fight and not give up in your life when things get hard.


You have to decide whether you will listen to your desire for comfort or your desire to be great. The Firestarter will fan the flames and spark  a fire in you that will burn bright all year long.

Who We Are

Garrett Unclebach is a former Navy SEAL who currently spends his time professionally as a real estate developer, Construction Company CEO,  personal coach, venture capital advisor, and entrepreneur as well as the co-host of The Impossible Life Podcast. He leads the men’s ministry at Elevate Life Church in Frisco where over 300 men gather every Saturday morning to grow together and be challenged. He knows he is beyond blessed as  a happily married husband and father of two. 

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Nick Surface is an entrepreneur who has founded and owns multiple companies including a marketing consultancy and production company working with well-known brands like Ticketmaster, Rawlings, and Taylor Made. He is also an NLP practitioner, coach, and leads in men’s ministry with Garrett. He has been happily married for 18 years and counting and has 3 kids. Nick also Co-host’s The Impossible Life Podcast.

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Still not Convinced?

Fine. if you won't take our word for it, go see for yourself!
We have over a hundred episodes on our podcast full of value with the reviews to back it up.


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