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That God has a plan for your life


You can do/have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price for it


You are infinitely capable to go and become everything God created you to be.

This is what it means to be UNSTOPPABLE.


It's time for you to answer that question.

You can feel it.

And you've felt it your entire life.

You just can't explain it.

This feeling that you were meant for more.


Welcome to 

 If you know you’re made for more and you haven’t quite realized what “more” is, you are in the right place. If you have breath in your lungs, there is a purpose for your life. It’s time to unlock your infinite potential and live every day full of purpose.


The Infinite Potential Accelerator will help you understand what it means to live purposefully as well as showing you how to connect the dots of your purpose.


Acceleration in life typically happens when people are moving away from something painful, but we know it is far more powerful and long lasting to be pulled forward by something deeply compelling. That is why this program includes our Ideal You Blueprint. This blueprint will help you cast a vision for living at your maximum potential as well as creating daily standards for living. 


With a renewed sense of purpose and vision, you will need to pay your price daily. There are no shortcuts to true greatness. As such, we’ve included our Secret to Price Paying Guide that shows you how to build any habit you want. You will also be enrolled in our Mindset Mastery program for ongoing growth of your skillset to navigate life unleashed with boldness and confidence to be fruitful in every area.

The Infinite Potential Acceleration path is:

  1. KNOW Purpose

  2. CAST Vision

  3. PAY Your Price

  4. DEVELOP Skills



-Immediate Access to Mindset Mastery ($500 Value)

2 lessons on Principles & Perspective. This includes an hour long video diving deep on the topic, Note taking guide, Interactive content and a personal application plan.

- The Path to Purpose ($100 Value)

Audio & Downloadable Guide

- The Ideal You Blueprint ($250 Value)

Video & Downloadable Guide

- The Secret to Price Paying ($100 Value)

How To Build Any Habit You Want, Audio & Downloadable Guide

- Mindset Mastery T-Shirt ($30 Value)

- 1 month of Mindset Mastery Membership ($250)

welcome to the team, you're not alone in this. Mindset Mastery isn't just a course, it's a online community full of other men and women seeking to become everything God created them to be.

A $1130 VALUE

*These are not phony over inflated prices with an unrealistic markup. That is the price for which we have sold these items and they will immediately deliver over and beyond the price associated.


If after 30 days, you haven’t consciously felt yourself realizing your potential and increasing your self belief and sense of purpose, we will work 1 on 1 with you for FREE! 

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What is Mindset Mastery?

Mindset Mastery is an online group coaching led by former Navy SEAL Garrett Unclebach. The purpose of the program is to help you develop an elite mindset so you become the type of person that can figure out any challenge that may come your way. If that sounds too good to be true, you’ve not realized the power and authority God gave you to have dominion in every area of your life starting first with your mind. 


The program is month to month and covers 12 different topics over the course of a year that are crucial to establishing an elite mindset. The first Thursday of each month has a live call where the topic of the month is taught in depth. The rest of the month’s work is done at your own pace and includes a self-assessment test, a personal training plan, and an implementation guide. This format ensures that you understand the theory and can apply it skillfully to your life for maximum impact.


You will be joining a community of growth minded followers of Jesus that are actively developing themselves to be their best and highest for God, themselves, and everyone they come in contact with. Our swim buddy concept will join you with someone else on the program to make sure you have connection and are not “going it alone.” We firmly believe that you will go farther when you have someone else to encourage, challenge, and grow with. You will also be added to a private community forum (not Facebook groups) where you can interact with the other people on the program.

What are people saying about Mindset Mastery?

"A wise person once said, “If you want what you’ve never had, you must be willing to do what you’ve never done.” With Mindset Mastery, Garrett and Nick have cultivated a program to address what matters most when it comes to elevating your life: the way you think! They will teach you topics that are core to developing a fortress mindset, provide unique training plans tailored to your personal understanding of the topics, and equip you with resources and a broad network that will encourage you, support you, and hold you accountable along the way! The program has transformed not just how I think, but what I think about. Their teaching on Principles and Perspective have been a game-changer for how I approach my business and my relationships. I thank God for the privilege to learn and grow with in this program!"

- James, Current Mindset Mastery Member

"I’ve done multiple programs/coaching/etc. Mindset Mastery absolutely feels different. I’m getting more out of this than the others I’ve done previously. And THANK YOU for making the community forum easy to use so I can track and connect with other folks on the program."

-Katharine, Current Mindset Mastery Member

"Mindset mastery is a powerful tool for me. I have been diving into who I am and how I can become my best self. I know I have grown because I see life differently but more importantly I handle life differently.  Truly I am changing and growing. Mindset mastery has been an incredible community of people striving together to reach our full potential. If you want change and are willing to put in the work you'll see the fruits of this mentorship in your own life."

- Jennifer, Current Mindset Mastery Member

"I’m so impressed with Mindset Mastery! Garrett and Nick do a phenomenal job providing content and instruction that has boosted my personal and spiritual growth. Blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of individuals. Mindset Mastery is invaluable in my life!"

- Tim, Current Mindset Mastery Member

"I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be part of Mindset Mastery, led by a Garrett and Nick, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. This program is unique in its commitment to unlocking the untapped potential within each one of us. Through a carefully structured monthly Zoom call, we get access to priceless lessons that blend military discipline with actionable strategies for real-world challenges with a biblical world view. But what truly sets this program apart is the community of like-minded individuals. Everyone here has skin in the game, actively applying what we learn week-to-week through various tests and exercises.

The Discord platform serves as a crucible for real-time support, accountability, and the exchange of ideas. You can see the transformation happening: people are not just passively absorbing information; they are living it. This is not your typical ‘sit back and watch’ type of coaching; it’s an active, full-on engagement that requires you to model the teachings in your own life. In doing so, Mindset Mastery not only provides the tools for success but also cultivates a culture of action and accountability. I highly recommend this program for anyone serious about achieving a next-level mindset."

- Jinson, Current Mindset Mastery Member

Who We Are

Garrett Unclebach is a former Navy SEAL who currently spends his time professionally as a real estate developer, Construction Company CEO,  personal coach, venture capital advisor, and entrepreneur as well as the co-host of The Impossible Life Podcast. He leads the men’s ministry at Elevate Life Church in Frisco where over 300 men gather every Saturday morning to grow together and be challenged. He knows he is beyond blessed as  a happily married husband and father of two. 

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Nick Surface is an entrepreneur who has founded and owns multiple companies including a marketing consultancy and production company working with well-known brands like Ticketmaster, Rawlings, and Taylor Made. He is also an NLP practitioner, coach, and leads in men’s ministry with Garrett. He has been happily married for 18 years and counting and has 3 kids. Nick also Co-host’s The Impossible Life Podcast.

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Still not Convinced?

Fine. if you won't take our word for it, go see for yourself!
We have over a hundred episodes on our podcast full of value with the reviews to back it up.


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WARNING: Joining this course puts an expectation on your life. 

IF you're not ready to grow, DON'T sign up

IF you're not done with excuses, DON'T sign up

IF you are happy staying the same, DON'T sign up

Entering your email below will take you to the purchase page. We don't want your email if your just price shopping with no intention of joining the program. This massive offer with all this bonus content will cost you $200. If you proceed to the purchase page but don't purchase you can expect to get an email from Garrett asking you why you didn't sign up. Be who you say you are.

IF you are truly READY to level up, enter your email below. LETS GROW

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